SnackFerret Studio - About

SnackFerret Studio is a soon-to-be incorporated company, a subsidiary of Furtainment.

Snack Ferret Studio is a furry-owned LGBTQ+ inclusive business specialising in anthropomorphic games and entertainment shows, and movies created in Unreal Engine 5, Opensimulator, and Source Filmmaker, and utilizing Artificial intelligence as a minor part of the production process, please see our AI Disclosure policy for more information.

This website is a production and development blog for our shows, games, and other media.

Our logo was created by KilynnTor and symbolises​ a sitting ferret in the shape of a letter S and F.

Our slogan is "Innovating Stories, Imaginating Passions!"

Founded and 100% owned and operated by Jonathan Curley also known as Velivian Fesothe

If you would like to learn more about SnackFerret Studio, its history, and founding please read our main about page at